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Increasing knowledge with an experience of more than 15 years

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The KVW-Team operates since 1993 on internationale level. Our customers are energy utilities, the gasindustry and the supporting companies of.

Our service focusses the markets of those companies busy in development and research.

As gas flow optimizer we are dedicated to lift up the using structures in the gas market, including power markets.

Those performances mean our profile


Market Research as basis for product development, pricing and securing the sales channels


Optimization fo the gas flew by technical solutions, contracts and operative strategies


Organisation of sales-structure for energy markets of the future, Direct Sales in Projekts as Service. Akquisition and Customer-Care.


Realisation of strategies in technic, sales and products by marketing and communication.

Ambition: Creating breathing volumes via tube storage (optimization pipe)

Organisation und Development

Consulting, Support und Realisation in expendingbusiness claims


Consulting, Support and Realisation by Gaining and binding target customer groups

Development of the place of production

Conzeption for Cooperation with the communal promotion agency


A presentation of KVW Marketing-Consult is provided to you as a pdf-file in English:

KVW consultancy is now 15!

Kuno von Wedelstedt is a consultant for energy and gas supplier for more than 15 years. Up to 7 digits cost reductions per year could be reached by the consultancy of KVW!

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Welcome to our new websites of KVW. Inform yourself thoroughly about us and our work.


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