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Achievement Profile Natural Gas Procurement

  • Need inquiry and structural inquiry,
  • Contract assessment,
  • Optimisation of the running contract,
  • Evaluation of the optimally comparative-tempering gas flow via interruptable key-accounts and by heatingmarket amounts to be stored.
  • Comparison of the structures with different balance methods:
    • day amounts
    • hourly amounts
  • Transformation of the achievement prices of Qd on Qh at the example in D of skilled modes,
  • Comparison of the diminished gas flow amounts with the respective prices of the Bilancing,
  • Enlarged consideration of potential interruptable accounts with hourly balance,
  • Inquiry of the primary redution potential (basis to the storage management),
  • Inquiry of the primary reduction potential during day, week and Monthly equilization.
  • Consultation and backing office for Utilities at upcoming and running contract negotiations:
    • Calculations / comparisons / assessments (evaluations),
    • Check on possibilities of transforming contracts into crafts,
    • Recommendations.

as an achievement for the negotiations success and as a certificate for negotiated contracts

  • Inquiry or procurement of relevant contract bases like:
    • Formulae for achievement prices
    • Base values of pricefomulaes (Examples of other long range gas societies)

Engineering for memory draughts

  • Station profile,
  • MSR applications,
  • Memory volumes and memory realisation in technology,
  • Compression (E engines or motor engines, integrative systems),
  • gas and power utilities: heating market-and CNG segments,
  • Integration of filling station equipment (refuelling technology etc.),
  • Memory craft as a gas line,
  • Basis planning.

Feasability studies / analyses as a base for decisions

  • Comparison of the primary saving in the heating market area with in beginning to be brought ones cost of the optimisation-crafts.
  • Assessment of a possible co-crafts for heating market and CNG (breakdown of costs and use of the group components like compression, storage etc.).
  • Inquiry of the economic whole use, presentation / discussion with the responsible management.

Follow-up and perspectives

  • Approval and execution planning,
  • Contracting of the suppliers,
  • Marketing of the CNG filling stations,
  • Market research,
  • Marketing draught (target groups, Pricing, distribution, communication),
  • Communication draught (target group address, synergy education).


Utilities practice themselves successfully in the optimisation of the gas flows; if are of use, besides, all compression ranges and generate in high-pressure storages CNG which can be driven in hourly markets in the construction phase also free of capacity charge (switchable by great storage). In parallel in addition system solutions arise in the claim of the Strength warmth coupling what serves comprehensively to force locally energy-economic achievement innovatively.

KVW Marketing Consult offers innovation by trendsetting know-how which connects markets and minimises costs (expenses).

KVW consultancy is now 15!

Kuno von Wedelstedt is a consultant for energy and gas supplier for more than 15 years. Up to 7 digits cost reductions per year could be reached by the consultancy of KVW!

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