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Creating values

Service support is good when it leads by corresponding performances for all problems which are possible. Our capacity comprises four areas of work exactly adjusted to one another and creating optimal energies to the mutual settlement of tasks - individual and totally:

Recognization and development of chances and services

  • by market observations and -analysis,
  • by definition of market gaps and development demand,
  • by investigations of competition,
  • by development of sceneries and their permanent treatment.

Checking and valuation of performances and market abilities

  • by checking and valuation of market gaps and new technologies,
  • by analysis of market- and sales possibilities,
  • by company- and product-conceptions,
  • by research and dialogues with potential partners,
  • by constant reporting of the projects.

Development of future capable trade brands and sales organisations

  • by preparation to the market introduction,
  • by training of sales staff and outdoor services,
  • by conceptions of marketing communications,
  • by composition of the sales documents,
  • by market information via PR.

Securing of introduction and execution success by consultance and support

  • by coaching within all phases of market-treatment,
  • by permanent market controlling,
  • by current improvement of products and services,
  • by customized conceptions in marketing and sales,
  • by transformation of the sales staff to client managers.

This profile is offered to companies which have the target to be better and faster in obeying customer's demands. KVW Marketing Consult understands the markets, their demands and works integrative for the partners. We also have long term experiences in purchasing energy, in energy-optimization and in reaching effective sales results.

KVW Marketing-Consult: to use chances depends on recognizing them and turning them to good account. We will help you gaining values.

Entirely thinking

There are really great chances: Energy-markets are changing.

Demands and requirements of clients, partners and consumers become more and more diversified. Brands and markets are modifying even more quickly and more important. The vicinity situation for companies becomes more complicated.

The chances evaluated lie in a new kind of cooperation adjusting the individual know how and specialities of all concerned better to each other. Also new system and service offers for market solutions will be found out which are total and integrative.

As consulting-, development- and service provider we obtain individual solutions by labour for our clients, especially in the energy markets and their environment - from MSR over IT to telematic solutions. This means that the individual parts of market solutions are excellently tuned to each other to the specific market gap and the corresponding vicinity.

Starting with product development via market analysis, marketing drafts to marketing-communication. Our work is mainly orientated to chances-gains. With the aim to obtain a high future capability and -quality in result. We are carried by the understanding that the own success is the result of the success enabled to others.

... reason and effect are mirrored by the market

Inventing the future

To invent the future, one must imagine to be capable to do so. Neglecting facts in such a way, real novelties can be created and started. This we do because we want to generate success for us and our customers and partners. And we are convinced that future can only be realized out of itself.

Especially two things grant this great demand: continuous development and continuous growth of quality. Of each one within this purpose and of the whole company. Everyone must be conscious of this. This is the one way road to come up to constantly changing and growing requirements and demands of those who we are working for and with.

This tells us: on the top is who is top of perception. So one will be able to set standards. And to create a self-standing and free position in the market for oneself and each other. And in fact in an overlapping, one another inspiring and contributing cooperation of most different partners and specialists.

... sometimes the way is the target

KVW consultancy is now 15!

Kuno von Wedelstedt is a consultant for energy and gas supplier for more than 15 years. Up to 7 digits cost reductions per year could be reached by the consultancy of KVW!

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