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Gas flow optimization

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Equilization of the delivery

To optimize the load factor means equilization of the delivery. The ideal reference is devoted by the relation of Qa : Qh = 8760 Usinghours/year - this tells us, that to every hour the same volume will be delivered.

The gasindustries are straightening the imports on these values. They can also to the conditions "take or pay" conclude, that means an amount from Qh x 8760 hrs/year must be also taken, be paid at least, however.

Changing frameworks

In the wholesale to gas utilities and energy providers another framework is devoted. In middle Europe we know seasonal fluctuations, i.e. in the summer you need only cooking gas and processing gas but a little bit heating gas, and otherwise you need in winter more heating gas than alone cooking gas.

The KVW team helps to meet essentially sound decisions and stands also with the conversion of contracts in crafts aside.

Optimization by adjustments

To diminish the resale the risks of the optimisation, was aimed in the past in most German sales areas the achievement account in Qd - day amounts. Indeed, this led to a disregard of the optimisation what presented itself in such a way, the gas utilities in the relation of Qd:Qh 24 hours of achieved ones do not separate merely about 16-20 using hours.

In the gas sales areas which were laid out from the outset on Qh in the load eg in Baden Wurttemberg Niedersachsen, Schleswig Holstein, to parts of Bavaria etc. - gas utilities could sharpen early and have produced by removal of respiratory volume (headword Tube storage) her contribution to bring Qd:Qh on 24.

Qh in balance

Now we have the age of the double contracts where Qh in the transport a determining size can play - presumed, one attains a contract which defines precisely Qh in the balance and no balance of the load for days, weeks or even quarters.

Increased spreads with KVW Marketing-Consult

KVW Marketing - Consult has turned for years away in the national one as well as in the international market to the subject of the gas procurement,-gasflow optimization and marketing of natural gas and has introduced in many places and projects. This led in each case to clear increasings of the using structures and with its better production costs what signifies more margin elbowroom. More margin has to be attained as a basic in gas to gas competition. There must be gained more added values to bind customers.

On one look one can demonstrate. the fact that a local provider who has arisen in monopoly times attained a using structure without optimisation precautions, possibly like follow is to be demonstrated: Qa: Qh = 2800 h/a.

Within simulation calculations it is determined with which respiratory volume the day, the week, 14 days or the month are to be equilized.

Computer simulations show breathing volumes

Respiratory volume and the construction of interruptable key accounts in the mix lead to the fact that using structures can be raised in about 1000-2000 annual load utilisation hours.

A boiler with 1 MW costs connection-worth on an average to approx. 15,000 of achievement costs /yr in the Qh market. In the Qd market it costs with 16 h/d in about 16,000 x 0.70 cents, so about 10,000 . If he was driven in the gas relation under Qd to parameters bivalent, he would come during approx. 30 days on about 500 working hours at which he would be beaconed with Gasoil. There the amount scaffolding would break away and with 500,000 kWh less sales natural gas would become with 0.35 cents of margin to the 1,750 of less margins.

In the hourly market, however, he is only possibly in 80 hours /yr of the net, this puts out 80,000 kWh / a of less sales - about 280 of margin, with high amount scaffolding in the gas sales and annual achievement reduction of 15,000 .

This example illustrates the value of Qh what understandably also the added value decrease the net operator underlines who have more capacities in the nets, indeed, by optimised retailers, however, these can absolutely sell more to others. Nevertheless, will assert itself Qh because the traders on the net operators take no consideration - but offer to their customer assistances to make purchases in the best way possible.

Creating win-win situations

The KVW-team is found out for many years in this process and offers any support in marketing, engineering and Sales - so that win-win situations get reality an gas utilities with their providers go in partnership to the future.

Customer loyalty reached by an optimized pricing

In the end, one must think of the location. Only one good prize system allows optimisation measures. These form the sales achievement again because just the local provider can reproach with natural gas for his clientele within the scope of suitable offers lucratively. This leads with customers to innovation and connection and positions itself in possibly also common projects like with Bloc Heat Power Plant or Microturbine.


Excerpt of a matchable presentation

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Beispiel Gasbezugsoptimierung

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Take an interest like the old structures with 2800 using hours/yr and calculate with an achievement price (respectively transmission cost) from 15 / KW specifical: it amounts to 0,5357 cents by kWh.

Results: Cost cuttings

With achieved 5000 annual load utilisation hours these are 15:5.000 = 0.3 cents by kWh, these are 0,2357 cents of more margin for the local provider. If the local provider eg an annual amount on 500 Mio. kWh has this shows a cost saving of about 1.2 Mil. /yr.

Which business gives such margin increase, otherwise? It is only the optimisation which costs, indeed, also money, because without additional storagevolume this does not go. But a Feasability-Study of the KVW team proves clearness with costs and use. And if the Return of investment amounts around 3 - to 5 years - this is dependent eg. on the upcoming form on the power mains - will seize certainly of every chief executive officer measures to move this option.

The answer to the competition: Optimization

Optimisation is therefore a mainjob in the increasing competition and it turns out clearly which is the respiratory volume is a trading tool - just as eg the artificial gas production by LPG-air feeding, the same purposes serves and no third paty access is given.

In the market of the future where gas trade makes purchases in the mix of the options - city gate, stock exchange, power gas etc. - an enough big respiratory volume is the basis for smoothed loads.

On the keyboard of optimization there are variously options. The KVW team develops the local needs for the supplied key accounts and moves them technical economical. Such processes require attention and also budget. However, at the end the expenditure calculates itself for gas trade as well as for the key account.

Solutions of KVW

Successful work begins in the head. There the bases for measures arise, as described on top. The KVW team helps to meet essentially sound decisions and stands also with the conversion of contracts in crafts aside.

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