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The AIR Wall: More commercial comfort by means of passable barriers.

The human mind is inventive and looks constantly for new things which form our life in all facets richer in experience.

Is it at the work, in the business, in the spare time, with the sport or somewhere in the size of the community. The person goes by doors and gates, also any kind of goods. Doors and gates put the connection to the outside world or between two areas. And, besides, these have the task, to let in or to close out.

Customers should rather see inviting doors, offer no obstacle to desired expiries and demonstrate that king customer is welcome.

It is a question of comprehensive thinking, with open doors which each can cross to let undesirable side effects outdoors.

At first sight the quadrature of the circle seems to be. If it is not, however, rather innovation presents itself here, the symptoms of customary kind excludes:

Open doors

  • mostly create passages,
  • leave cold out and warmth pure or reverse,
  • allow the move of smallest parts like dust and foliage, polls invite etc.
  • uninvited guests: Wasps, flies, mosquitoes, moths do not prevent that odour nuisances they penetrate.

In future all that is excludeable, in spite of an open door. Thanks to the technology the AIR Wall.

Do you recognise the opening market with this system solution is ductile? It is about aerial technology in connection with ventilation and warm care. This shows for Germany, Europe and the world big potentials which can be concerned purposefully because the technology is young at the market and chances offers for patents, licences, joint-ventures.

It is about these target groups:

  • Retail shops,
  • industrial concerns,
  • camp posture, production, to public facilities and many other application possibilities.

Examine the valency of this opening market niche for your success. We help you in it further with search, concept and all flanking measures with the creation and expansion of your market activities.

The AIR WALL system: Innovation in space logistics

Function of customary door veil arrangements

No entire bulkheading of rooms

Bild von AirWall 1

How the AIR WALL system works

Function of Air WALL system: Tempered air guarantees sure bulkheading of rooms: Air embankment system: passably and, nevertheless, close.

Bild von AirWall 2



A detailed presentation of AIR WALL is provided to you in german language as pdf file:

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